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No matter where you turn, anywhere there is a need for power - Rural or city - When you need power you need to buy transformers.

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Guidelines on Selecting a Transformer
Selecting the right transformer can be a daunting task. We provide the knowledge of choosing these transformer at its most fundamental level.

ACME Transformers
ACME Transformers has been in business for over 80 years. Manufacturing a full line of dry type distribution and low voltage transformer ranging in size form 0.250-1000 KVA.

Marcus Transformers
Marcus Transformers open their doors in 1942, and have been a leader in innovative transformer design. These transformers can offer you 30 percent annual energy savings compare to other makes.

Hammond Transformers
Hammond Manufacturing has been in business since 1917 offering many types of power transformer.

G.E. Transformers
G.E. has been a leader in the energy industry for more than a century. They have become number one provider of high-power equipment.

TEMCo Transformers
TEMCo a leading Manufacturer and distributor of quality transformers since 1968. TEMCo prides it self in selling quality transformers at reasonable price, back with the best warranties in the industry.

Transformer Sizing
Provides basic information on determining the size of transformer you need. Sizing a transformer is made easy once you understand the language that is used.

 K-Factor Transformers
Find out what "K-Factor Rating" is and how it effects the transformer you choose.

Custom Transformers
Custom Transformer are designed per the customer's specification. These transformers are used if applications require a unique feature or requirement.

Isolation Transformers
Provides information on how a isolation transformer works and the applications they are used for.



Transformer Sizing

Looking at buying a Transformer!! We have the right transformer for your application. Offering Quality Transformers from Top Manufacturers.

 Offering a large selection of Quality, Energy Saving Transformers.

Transformer SizingSizing a Transformer:

We recommended always having your manufacturer technical or  engineering staff  help you in selecting the right transformer size. We provide you the basic on what information you will need and with some insight on how to select the right transformer size.

Transformers come in a large range of sizes from thumbnail-size to huge units used in our power system. To determine the correct size of the transformer you must determine the largest load you will expect at any given time.

Sizing a Transformer

Information on sizing a Transformer.First you have to determine the largest load you can expect at any given time. You may not operate all equipment at the same time, or you don't run heat and air conditioning, however you would run some load simultaneously. Based on operational requirements determine what those loads are. Then determine the kVA each will draw. To determine the kVA you take the load, lets say it a motor and the load is 40 amperes, and the voltage is 240 volts

240 x 40 = 9600 VA

A 10 kVA transformer is required. You always select the transformer larger so you would use a 10,000 volt-amperes (VA) transformer.

For a 3 phase KVA:

 multiply rated volts x load amps x 1.73 (square root of 3) then divide by 1000.

Once you done the individual calculations and added them up arriving at the maximum load, you should add around 20% for unplanned load growth or planned addition loads.

Information you will need in sizing a Transformer

  1. Determine Primary voltage and frequency
  2. Determine secondary voltage required.
  3. Determine the capacity required in volt-amperes

Buy your Transformer from TEMCO.TEMCo Transformers experience engineering staff can help you in choosing the  correct size of transformer and  type of transformer that works best for your applications. Remember always buy transformers from a manufacturer that has been in busy at least for 5 years. Transformers are a long-term investment and you will want a manufacturer that will be with you for the life of the transformer. All the manufacturer mention on this web site have been in business for over 40 years. You don't stay in business that long without offering a excellent product and backing it with a superb customer service.


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